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How to Download and Use Wi-Fi Kill for PC

Wi-Fi Kill for PC is an app that detects any unwanted access to your Wi-Fi by scanning the entire network and helps you in killing the Wi-Fi to those specific devices. It is the best App for the defense of your network and its control. It informs you about any unwanted usage of your Internet connection by any random user. The Wi-Fi kill App collects all of the information of the connected devices on your network.

The Wi-Fi Kill App offers a wide range of monitoring tools and allows the users to catch the packets that are being sent by other devices. It also helps you in defending the system from any unauthorized attack via Wi-Fi. You can manage all of the controls of your Wi-Fi connection using this App. You can easily either disable or enable any connected devices on your Wi-Fi at any time.

If you notice a sudden low bandwidth or unauthorized wastage of Internet, then someone might be using your wireless network without your knowledge. In such situations, Wi-Fi Kill app helps you in finding this out and restricts the user in accessing your Wi-Fi network. Once you disable the user from using your Wi-Fi, the user will not be able to connect to it even if they know your Wi-Fi password.

The Wi-Fi Kill for PC app helps you in taking control over the connected Wi-Fi network and assists you in managing the users that are using the Wi-Fi network. You will have all the details of the user that are connected to your Wi-Fi network. You can kill any user on the Wi-Fi connection with the help of this App on your PC. You can kill any device or user and cut the Wi-Fi connection to that particular device.

This app is available for all IOs, Android, Mac and Windows devices. For windows, the Wi-Fi kill App works with almost all the versions from XP, 7, 8, 8.1, to 10. Also on MAC, it works with any generation of Mac OS X.

Wi-Fi Kill for PC App protects you from all spammers and misuses of your network connection. Sadly, there is no official Wi-Fi Kill for PC App available for Mac or Windows PC, so you will have to download it with the help of an Android emulator. Also, the App is available only on rooted devices, so you will have to root your device to use the Wi-Fi kill App.

Features of Wi-Fi Kill for PC:

A few of the most important features of the Wi-Fi Kill for PC app are mentioned below:

  • A complete list of all the devices that are connected to the Wi-Fi network are displayed along with a few smart features
  • Along with packet exchanges, it also shows the data transfer from the devices
  • Data like the Network monitoring tools on your laptop is also displayed
  • Wi-Fi Grab is one of the new and coolest features that attaches with the device to check how it is communicating with the network.
  • The Wi-Fi Grab feature gives all the information about manufacturer name, MAC address, down speed, up speed, IP address etc
  • Wi-Fi Kill is another amazing and the best feature that disconnects the device from the Wi-Fi network
  • The application comes with a unique feature that helps you in analyzing the status of your Wi-Fi connectivity
  • It also gives you complete information about all the other connected devices like the time of connectivity, brand name, any change in the Mac address and more
  • The app has a very easy to use interface and the working process is very easy to understand
  • It also shows the wireless card information and the network names
  • It manages traffic and also shows the websites that are visited by the connected devices
  • It shows you the number of bytes that are received or transferred by the connected devices
  • Gives you full control of all the connected devices and allows you to check how much Wi-Fi data a particular device is consuming

Downloading Wi-Fi Kill for PC:

Since the official App is not available, you will have to download this App using the APK file with the help of an Android emulator on your PC.

Follow the steps given below to download the APK file successfully on your PC without any complications:

  • First of all, download an Android Emulator for your device as this helps you to run the APK file of the Wi-Fi Kill App
  • If you do not have any Android emulator on your device, click on the link given below to download it on your PC
  • There are a lot of Android emulators available in the market. but BlueStacks is the most popular and widely used Emulator for Windows
  • Click on the APK file and start downloading it, the download procedure takes a few minutes
  • After the download is completed, run the setup process and wait for it to finish
  • Once this is done, allow the installation process to complete
  • Now, run The BlueStacks application and enter your Google account credentials in it
  • Finally, launch the application on you PC and type “Wi-Fi Kill” in the search bar
  • Select the appropriate version from the results that pop up and download it
  • The APK file for Wi-Fi Kill for PC will start to download
  • Once downloaded, click on the install button that will pop up
  • Wait for the installation process to complete

:How to use Wi-Fi Kill for PC

  • Once Wi-Fi Kill for PC APK is downloaded and installed successfully on your PC, search for it from the search bar and turn it on
  • Look for the play button that is situated on the top right corner of Windows
  • A message for granting root permission will pop up, click on this and proceed with running the Wi-Fi kill App
  • You will now be able to access the complete list of all the devices that are connected to your Wi-Fi network
  • You will find a “Grab all” button in the bottom of the window, click on it to attach all the devices
  • Now you can start killing the devices that you think are overusing or misusing your Wi-Fi network or using it without your permission
  • You can also use the “Click All” button to disconnect all the devices at once

This is how you can use the Wi-Fi Kill for PC App to block the Wi-Fi network for other devices. This App performs a simple work of sending out packets and blocking the Wi-Fi connection of the specific devices that you select.


This is an educational article that provides you with tips related to Wi-Fi connections. This article is only for learning purposes and should only be used on your local Wi-Fi networks. The Wi-Fi Kill App is not meant to be used on any public Wi-Fi networks or misused used in any way.


This was a complete guide on how you can disconnect all the unwanted devices that are using your Wi-Fi network. We have explained the uses, features, advantages and method of downloading the Wi-Fi Kill for PC App to the best of our knowledge. The App helps you in giving faster connection speed and discarding all the unwanted connections. The Wi-Fi Kill App allows the user to control the flow of the Wi-Fi connectivity for all its shared devices. Use the App very responsibly and try not to misuse it in any way.

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